You must be 18 or older to purchase from Grand River Vapors (19 or older in Canada).  Grand River Vapors
products are intended for committed adult smokers as an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.  We do not
endorse or condone marketing and/or sales to minors.

Grand River Vapors reserves the right to refuse sale to anyone, for any reason including, but not limited to, the
  • Orders believed to be placed by minors, or placed with the intent to furnish a minor with our products.
  • Orders placed from countries that we do not ship to (Currently Canada and the United Kingdom are the only countries outside of
    the USA that we ship to).
  • Orders placed with the intent to use or represent our products as a smoking-cessation aid.  They are not intended for or sold for
    that purpose.
  • Orders placed with the intent to resell our products.  Anyone interested in reselling Grand River Vapors e-liquids must obtain
    written permission from Grand River Vapors.

By purchasing from Grand River Vapors, you assume all risks and responsibility for use and storage of products
containing nicotine, and agree that Grand River Vapors will not be held liable for accident, injury, or death to any
person(s) and/or animals resulting from your use, misuse, and/or storage of our products.
  • By ordering, you acknowledge that you understand nicotine is a toxic substance, and agree to handle e-liquids as such.
  • You agree that you will only use e-liquids in a personal vaporizer (e-cigarette).
  • You understand that there is potentially enough nicotine in a bottle of e-liquid to seriously harm or kill children and pets.  By
    ordering, you agree to keep all e-liquids tightly capped and out of reach and sight of children and pets.
  • If you do not understand or are not willing to assume the risks associated with use and storage of products containing nicotine,
    you should not order from Grand River Vapors.

Persons with underlying health conditions, women who are pregnant, may be pregnant, or who are breast-feeding
should not purchase from Grand River Vapors.

Persons with allergies or sensitivities to any of the ingredients in our e-liquids (Nicotine, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable
Glycerin, Sucralose sweeteners, Ethyl Maltol, and natural and/or artificial food flavorings), should not purchase from
Grand River Vapors.

Persons that are looking for a smoking or nicotine cessation aid should not order from Grand River Vapors, and
instead should explore FDA-approved options that are intended for that purpose.  Our products are a tobacco
alternative for committed adult smokers.  Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any

No warranty is expressed or offered for e-liquids purchased from Grand River Vapors and no returns or refunds will
be offered on e-liquids for any reason.  We make no guarantee that you will like a flavor based on the opinions of
other vapers (including forum posts, blogs, video reviews, etc.).  What one person enjoys, you may not.  Realizing
that taste is subjective and individual to each person, we offer small sample size bottles that you can order to
determine if you like a like a flavor before ordering a larger size.

While Grand River Vapors will ship to destinations outside of the USA, by purchasing you understand that shipments
may take
significantly longer to receive due to customs processing in your country.  We can make no guarantees on
how long it will take for your order to be delivered.  If your order is returned to us as refused by customs, we will
reship the product one time to you at no additional cost.  If it is returned a second time, Grand River Vapors
reserves the right to refund your purchase price, or if you so choose, attempt reshipment to you for additional
shipping fees.

Domestic shipments within the USA normally take between 2-5 days to reach their destination.  Grand River Vapors
cannot guarantee delivery timeframes once the shipment is in the custody of the USPS.  We will provide a delivery
confirmation number on all domestic shipments.