Vanilla Rose Ice Cream
A deliciously unique pairing of french
vanilla ice cream and delicate rose petals.
Chocolate Cake
Layers of Sweet Chocolate cake and
Chocolate frosting.  A chocolate-lover's
Honey Grahams
Sweet graham crackers with a touch of
Honey Bear
A true, sweet honey flavor.
Our take on the breakfast  favorite.  
Customer feedback said "boost the
flavor" and we did!
Peach Cobbler
Juicy Peaches sprinkled with cinnamon
and sugar, baked with sweet buttery
Honey Mentholyptus*
The gentle sweetness of Honey and an
invigorating menthol-eucalyptus finish
reminiscent of a popular brand of cough drop.  
Be warned, this is a strong flavor!  I suggest
starting with a 3ml sample to try it out.
*Honey Mentholyptus is sold by Grand River Vapors as a novelty
only.  There are no health claims being made and this product
is not intended to be treated as a medicine or a cough suppressant.  
(But it is delicious!)
Peanut Butter & Banana
Sweet nutty peanut butter meets ripe
Intense cinnamon flavor, make it cool for
GRV's take on "fire & ice".